Seasick Steve performs live

Things to do in London this weekend 14102016

Back in 2000, the visionary prophet that is Madonna uttered the immortal words: “Music makes the people come together… yeah.” And was it Joey Barton or Friedrich Nietzsche who said “Without music, life would be a mistake”? No matter – both would undoubtedly be huge fans of the Queen of Pop, and both would probably […]

Drake performs live

Drake, Pigeon Detectives and other avian acts

On 2010 single ‘Miss Me’, Drake explained that his name is actually an acronym, though “Do Right And Kill Everything” hasn’t really caught on as an origin story. Everyone’s favourite Canadian teen-actor-turned-musician was born Aubrey Drake Graham, and only one of those names sounds street enough to use as a rap mononym. The male duck […]

Olly Murs performs live

X Factor Success Stories: Olly Murs, Little Mix and More

As a platform that can make you an overnight success, a household name or even an international laughing stock, talent shows are tricky business. Joining tea breaks, weather conversations and queuing among the nation’s favourite pastimes, the X Factor has chalked up seven years in television, and there have been novelty acts, genuine talents and […]

The Rolling Stones perform live

Blue & Lonesome Announced: Five Rolling Stones Covers

Earlier this week, the Rolling Stones released two cryptic videos alluding to a mysterious major announcement. The first ten-second clip, entitled ‘The Rolling Stones – Coming October 6’ was quickly analysed by excited fans. A box that says British Grove Studios. Mysterious blurred out writing on said box (seriously, what does that say?). An unreasonable […]

Pete Doherty performs live

Four Artists Who Came Back From The Dead (Musically)

It was the great Kenneth Wolstenholme who so famously exclaimed, “They think it’s all over!” as fans rushed onto the pitch during the final seconds of the 1966 World Cup. And so it felt when these giants of the music scene seemed to have bowed down and made their quiet exit, leaving fans madly stoking […]

Billy Bragg performs live

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Train-Inspired Tracks

Was the 06:35 to Victoria late and/or cancelled this miserable Monday? When it eventually arrived, did you have to pack yourself into the carriage like a sardine on ice? Are you still reeling at the rail provider, even after three double espressos and an overpriced lunch? If you’re one of the 8% of people who […]

One Direction perform live

One Direction one year on: latest news from every 1D member

Joining the likes of Blink-182 and Foo Fighters in the uncertain ‘extended-hiatus’ bracket, it’s been over a year since a Zayn-free One Direction announced their leave, leaving a million broken hearts in their wake. But wait! Just as we got used to a life without 1D, a merchandise rejig and the addition of a ‘Future […]